Adoption Policy

Safe Harbor Rescue is committed to finding the best forever home possible for the pets we take in. To help us do that, we ask that prospective adopters fill out an application and questionnaire about your past pet ownership, lifestyle and submit veterinary records for previous and current pets for evaluation.

We also ask that potential adopters adhere to the following guidelines and requirements:

Adoption Guidelines & Requirements

You must agree to a background check of other animals you own to determine their vaccination status. This means we will call your current vet (if we are not your current vet) to get that information. This may take several days depending on the response time. We reserve the right to decline an adoption if resident animals are not current on their vaccinations.

If you are interested in adoption on the of the Safe Harbor pets, you may place a hold deposit which is half of the total adoption fee. This must be submitted by either cash or check. Submitting a holding fee DOES NOT guarantee that you will be approved for adoption. A hold simply ensures that another adopter cannot adopt the pet you are interested in while you are completing the adoption process and background check. If your adoption does not go through, your hold deposit will be refunded.

An Adoption fee, plus a spay/neuter deposit of $100, is required by either cash or check in order to adopt an animal from Safe Harbor Rescue. If you choose to have your adopted pet spayed or neutered at another veterinary facility, you are still required to pay the $100 spay/neuter deposit until you are able to provide proof of the animal’s surgery. At which time, your $100 spay/neuter deposit will be refunded.

You will be required to sign an adoption contract agreeing to the following:

  • Keep the cat/kitten indoor at all times
  • Allow Safe Harbor Rescue to follow-up and check on the welfare of the adopted animal
  • Spay/neuter the adopted animal within 14 days of the adoption, if not already completed at the time of adoption (this is state law)
  • Provide regular veterinary care for the adopted animal including annual vaccinations and wellness exams

Adoption Fees

An adoption is required to be paid at the time of adoption, and includes FeLV/FIV test, deworming, microchip, core vaccines and spay/neuter surgery (if age appropriate). We also highly recommend and offer to re-test each of our adopted felines for FELV/FIV after six months of age.

Kittens: $125 each

Cats Ages 1-3: $100
Each additional cat over 1 year old: $50

Cats Over 3: $50 each

Please note that the above requirements must be completed for any adoption approval. We keep very strict adoption procedures for the welfare of the animals in our care. We appreciate your cooperation. Thank you for choosing Safe Harbor Rescue!

The Safe Harbor Rescue adoption process can take up to 72 hours to complete. Submitting this paperwork starts the adoption process but does not guarantee approval for adoption.